Xtreme Cavitator

There are many excellent older cartridges with performance constrained by the metallurgy available for the firearms at the time they were designed. Some are so good, as in the 45-70 Government, they have been updated for modern pressures and re-released as modern cartridges, others, like the 32 ACP will probably remain with low operating pressures, due to the number of guns in existence.

Is there a way to bring modern performance to the low pressure cartridges through advanced projectile design and manufacturing? At Lehigh Defense, the world's most innovative projectile manufacturer, the answer is a bold YES.

The Xtreme Cavitator uses a unique geometry to form a vapor pressure spike at the nose blanketing the flank of the bullet with a long envelope of air as it passes through media eliminating side drag and allowing deep penetration. The heck you say? No, it isn't voodoo or marketing hype, it is physics. The fact is, all bullets create cavitation; we just created a design with a unique nose and an air reservoir groove to accentuate the effect. 

Xtreme Cavitator bullets are available in the following caliber diameters: .308 and .311.

Solid copper Xtreme Cavitator bullets meet the criteria of states and jurisdictions calling for lead free projectiles.

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