Tipped Xtreme Chaos

There are two philosophies when it comes to bullets. One believes rapid expansion, moderate penetration, and weight loss are best, while the other believes that moderate expansion, deep penetration, and virtually no weight loss is best. Both have their virtues and applications, but why settle for one or the other when you can have both?

Like the proven Controlled Chaos and Xtreme Chaos the Tipped Xtreme Chaos bullets offer the best of both and have a higher ballistic coefficient. Once fluid is impacted, they shed the front portion of the bullet into four petals that radiate outward away from the bullet's initial trajectory path resulting in a massive energy spike. Then the base of the bullet expands, continues in a straight line, and penetrates deeply. Both the temporary and permanent wound cavity created by this bullet separation is dramatic resulting in quick incapacitation.  The expanded solid base creates additional tissue damage and often results in full penetration of the animal.

The primary difference between the Controlled Chaos and the Tipped Xtreme Chaos is that the Controlled Chaos typically sheds 5 or 6 curled petals and retains less base weight than the Tipped Xtreme Chaos. The Tipped Xtreme Chaos will always shed 4 mostly straight petals and will retain more base weight than a Controlled Chaos.

The Tipped Xtreme Chaos doesn’t expand or fragment when it impacts hard barriers like drywall, only when it impacts fluid, where it expands, fractures, and does its devastation.

No other bullets on the market offers the accuracy and repeatable terminal performance of the Controlled Chaos, Xtreme Chaos, and Tipped Xtreme Chaos bullets.

The following Tipped Xtreme Chaos bullets are available:

  • .264/6.5mm 120 grain
  • .284/7mm 135 grain
  • .308/7.62mm 115 grain (300 HAM'R) and 155 grain
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