Controlled Fracturing

Lehigh Defense originated Controlled Fracturing Technology.  These bullets are designed to deliver maximum terminal performance.  Controlled Fracturing bullets are produced from solid copper and are pre-stressed at specific points so that after a predetermined penetration depth, the razor-edge petals deploy, releasing an energy spike and then separate and radiate outward from the primary path of the bullet.  The bullet shank, now back to bore diameter, continues penetrating straight and deep along the initial impact path.

Unlike traditional expanding bullets which mushroom and dramatically limit the bullet's penetration and provide only one wound path, Lehigh Defense's Controlled Fracturing ammunition creates an initial energy transfer, multiple wound paths, and a deep penetrating base with a sharp front cutting edge for extreme terminal performance.

I consider the Controlled Fracturing to be the ULTIMATE self-defense bullet and the 9mm 115 grain Controlled Fracturing is what I carry daily.

- Bill Wilson

Controlled Fracturing bullets are currently available in the following caliber diameters: .308, .355, .357, .375, .400, .451, .452, .458 and .500.

Solid copper Controlled Fracturing bullets meet the criteria of states and jurisdictions calling for lead free projectiles.

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